vrijdag 31 augustus 2007

Environmental Education for Local Zulu Communities

To preserve the natural heritage of this amazing area, we have a great challenge to reach as many rural children in our area with the message that wildlife and it's habitat is their natural heritage, to be protected, cared for and held in trust for present and future generations.

We offer an environmental course to youth leaders who set up conservation clubs in their schools. We estimate that for every one learner taken through our intensive environmental awareness and leadership course, 50 other learners will be gathered into the circle of concerned young conservationists.

Thank you for your generous financial support, which enables local communities to live in a sustainable way and conserve their cultural natural heritage

These environmental leaders from Makhasa High School have been awarded their certificates for completing the Young Environmental Ambassadors Leadership Course. View the full program of Suni-Ridge's 5-day environmental course.

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